Episode 37 : Huey Loves Potatoes! – MAGCast

December 4, 2015

Mike needed to finish moving, so we thought we would hurry up while he was busy a record a more upbeat episode!  We talk Fallout 4, Mobile Gaming Challenge, listener mail, and how Huey eats his potatoes.  It’s all very fascinating!


Episode 36 : A Break From The Wasteland! – MAGCast

November 19, 2015

Huey and Adam decided that the show was worth climbing out of their caves, putting the controller down, and pausing Fallout 4 long enough to record an episode!  I bet you will never guess what they wanted to talk about!  Ryan also covers his adventures over at BlizzCon, while Mike TV drools on himself over […]


Episode 34 : Life After Railguns! – MAGCast

November 5, 2015

Come hang out this episode as the guys get into a bunch of games!  We talk about the Battlefront Beta, Overwatch, Blizzcon, and the Mobile Gaming Challenge winner is declared.  We also get some fan mail, one of which Mike wasn’t terribly happy with.


Episode 33 : Spooky Inadequacies! – MAGCast

October 22, 2015

It was bound to happen.  We got our first hate mail!  Who it’s from you will never believe! Come hang out with the guys as they talk spooky games from their past, go over some fan mail, and hash out a little hate mail.


Episode 32 : Judgement Day! – MAGCast

October 8, 2015

Well folks, after missing a whole bunch of shows, Mike TV makes his return!  But this time, his butt is on the line.  Do the guys ask him to stay or do they throw him to the wolves?  Also, Huey challenged our newest super-fan Jeremy to some homework.  Did he pull through?  Find out all […]


Episode 31 : MAGClasssic 2015! – MAGCast

September 25, 2015

Join us this go ’round as the guys talk about……Damnit where is Mike? Anyway, we go deep into our experiences, stories, and favorite memories of MAGClassic 2015!


Episode 30 : Cake and Mike, A Hate Story! – MAGCast

September 10, 2015

Join us this week as Mike makes his triumphant return!  We have ourselves a fancy ice cream cake, talk about the games we are currently playing and Mike finds a new person to hate.


Episode 29 : American MUD! – MAGCast

August 27, 2015

Join us this time where we are down to only three hosts!  We decided the room felt a little too empty so we got some guests to come along.  Back for his second appearance we have the almighty Tresch!  Alongside him, we have the most well known guest of all time, Professor Shyguy!  Join us […]


Episode 28 : On Time! – MAGCast

August 13, 2015

Join us this go round as the fellas catch up.  I mean after all, it has been a while.  Back on track now, they talks about all of the upcoming events, announce the winner of the Hungry Shark Evolution Mobile Gaming Challenge and we try and figure out why everything just seems to happy this […]


Episode 27 : Remember MAGStock? – MAGCast

July 30, 2015

Oh hey everyone! Adam finally got a new episode posted! So what if it’s mildly historic? This episode we are joined by the WORLD FAMOUS Mr. Shyguy! We talk MAGStock, the mobile gaming challenge, and what to look forward in the future (which is now the past).