Episode 46 : MAGFest 2016 Preview!

December 21, 2016

WE ARE BACK!!  This time we start things off by not knowing the real episode number!  Once we get that wrong for sure, we go over the upcoming MAGFest!!  Come find out what Huey thinks about a certain holiday, Mike TV forces alcohol on people, and the rest of us go along for the ride.


Episode 45 : Super Sleepy Episode!

June 9, 2016


Oh, hey everyone!  We were gonna take a nap, but decided to record an episode anyway.  Join us this go round to find out what we are playing, the latest in MAGFest news, and what we have planned for MAGStock.  


Episode 44 : Huey HATES Squid!

May 19, 2016


Check out this episode where Huey goes in depth about his hatred for the creatures of the deep.

Featuring music from the album "RNDM" by the man himself Mega Ran! Buy his INCREDIBLE album here!


Episode 43 : And Then There Were Three!

May 12, 2016

Join us this episode as BigAdam, Mike TV, and Ryan hold down the fort and talk about MAGFest updates, games they are currently playing, and a whole lot more!


Episode 42 : Formatting! – MAGCast

April 7, 2016

Orvie is back!  We go over his picks for the groups Pokemon doppelgangers, we get into a bunch of MAGFest updates, we find out Mike TV likes his kid, and what everyone has been playing.


Episode 41 : The Best Swims! – MAGCast

March 30, 2016

Join us this go round as we talk about what Pokemon we think we are, MAGStock, Huey’s transformation into a sea creature, and Mike’s desire to commit arson**. **Mike only would do it for the kids.


Episode 40 : MAGFest 2016 Recap! – MAGCast

March 5, 2016

Hey everyone!  Well this episode, everything comes off the hinges.  We are joined by our very special guests Dominic Cerquetti, the Executive Direct of MAGFest, and Matt Baros, keyboardist of the band Rare Candy, for our annual MAGFest Recap episode!  Come find out what we all got into, the dirty details of staffing, and what […]


Episode 39 : MAGFest 2016 Preview! – MAGCast

February 12, 2016

It’s that time of year everyone!  Just us this episode for the MAGFest Preview Extravaganza!  We go over what we are most excited for, release a little secret info, and share in the excitement of everyone’s favorite event!


Episode 38 : Holidays With Friends! – MAGCast

December 31, 2015

Come spend the holidays with the MAGCast crew!  This episode they talk about holidays past, movies they’ve seen recently, and even trade a few gifts themselves.  They are also joined by Rob and Pernell from the podcast “Rhythm and Pixels” (http://rhythmandpixels.com/)  Man this is a fun one, be sure to subscribe!


Episode 35 : Totally in Order! – MAGCast

December 17, 2015

This time the guys get together to talk about all things related to the number thirty five. Ok ok, that’s not true at all.  We do however talk lots of MAGFest news, GaymerX recap, games we’re currently getting into and Mike TV revisits his favorite segment.