Episode 26 : Fallout : New MAGStock! – MAGCast

June 18, 2015

Join the boys this episode as they talk about MAGStock, how their Fallout : New Vegas runs are going, and finally announce the Splashy Fish champion! Be sure to download the new challenge game, Bird Climb to try and give the guys a run for their money.


Episode 25 : LIVE From Robotown! – MAGCast

June 13, 2015

Join us this week as the boys are coming to you LIVE from the Baltimore Robotics Center! they talk about their journey to California, who is the best robot, and for one reason or another, Adam has two voices.


Episode 24 : Huey is a WINNER! – MAGCast

April 24, 2015

Join the boys this week as they find out who won the Super Hexagon Mobile Gaming Challenge, MAGFest updates galore, and find out how the guys feel about Amiibos. Gets started with the new Mobile Gaming Challenge with “Splashy Fish”, Flappy Bird’s aquatic counterpart.  



April 9, 2015

This episode the boys talk about the finer things in life.  Friends, family, and rail guns.  We discuss our awesome times at Game Over, Ryan has a much shorter name, Mike is angry at everything, and Adam is more than willing to fuel that fire.  Our first non-host winner of a mobile game challenge is […]


Episode 22 : Mike is Missing! – MAGCast

March 3, 2015

Join us this go ’round when the boys…….wait………Where’s Mike?


Episode 21 : MAGFest 13 Wrap-a-thon! – MAGCast

February 12, 2015

Join the boys this episode where we talk about everything that happened to us at this years MAGFest!  We laugh, we cry, we belittle each other, and scream a bunch.  Mike gets super angry twice, Adam tries to push him over the ledge, Orvie brings a special guest, and Huey is polite.  What a guy […]


Episode 19 : Christmas Special! – MAGCast

January 1, 2015

Welcome back!  Join us this time as the boys get together to celebrate the holidays.  There are terrible puns, holiday nog, give giving, and zombies.  We announce the first game in our show to show game challenge, Huey gets replaced for the first half of the show by Dr. X, Mike TV ain’t so grumpy, […]


Episode 18 : Huey killed Orvie! – MAGCast

December 19, 2014

This week the boys sit down with the MAGFest music department chairman, Angel!  We  talk MAGFest updates, games we are currently playing, and more importantly, why Huey offed one of our hosts.  Lastly, we resurrect Old Man Mike’s Crotchety Corner to hear about why Mike loves K-Mart so much.


Episode 16 : Sandwiches for EVERYONE! – MAGCast

November 20, 2014

This week the boys get down to brass tax, whatever that means…. Anywho, they talk games they are currently playing, BlizzCon updates, and their dream VGM concerts.  Also, Mike decides to make everyone some sandwiches IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOW.


Episode 15 : Mr X Makes His Debut! – MAGCast

November 6, 2014

Hey Nerds!  This week the guys get together to talk about scary stories, MAGFest updates, Games they are currently playing, and listen to Mike TV get real mad about things.